Nutmeg offers more than a sweet smell

It has a variety of health benefits and has been used as a healing herb for many centuries. Explore and find exotic gifts made in Grenada. World famous cocoa and nutmeg products. Natural aromatherapy. Artisan crafts and art. Hand made soaps and candles. From its Indonesian roots to its elevated position on the Grenadian flag, the nutmeg’s story has been as rich and varied as its many tastes and aromas. Whether you enjoy it in a soap, rub on the oil to relieve a pain, or blend it into your favourite dish, you can enjoy the exotic pleasures that once drove the Europeans to cross the oceans.

Barbaque Charcoal

Nutmeg shell burns rapidly and uniformly. It produces some wonderful aromas in the process. Can this waste product normally used on pathways and as a garden much find its way into the North American barbacue market. Some experiments are underway to see if this is a realistic option.

Incense Sticks

In Asia the use of nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices in incense sticks is widespread. So far in the Caribbean, only a very few artisan producers have made Nutmeg incense sticks although the technology is relatively simple. Perhaps this is something that the Japanese, the masters of the global incense world, should take a look at.

Ice Cream and Sorbet

Nutmeg made Ice creams and sorbets are a favourite of all the leading chefs on the island of Grenada. Sadly, there are no companies that export nutmeg ice cream and the big players like Hagen Daas have not yet discovered Nutmeg ce cream. Watch this space!

Biscuits and Cakes

In Europe, particularly in Netherlands and Germany, a wide range of bakery products use Nutmeg especially at Christmas time. Surprisingly, few bakeries in Grenada or indeed in the Caribbean use nutmeg. A nutmeg rum cake would seem like a great product to launch internationally.

Sweets and Confectionary

Many local products exist at village level that mix nutmeg and chocolate, the Grenada Chocolate company is now launching a nutmeg chocolate as are several other international brands. Moreover, there are a lot of sugar based candies that could have nutmeg added.


The development of a nutmeg soap using nutmeg butter and /or ground nutmeg or nutmeg oil many people believe has great marketing potential. No major company has developed a product in this sector to date.

Herbal Medicines

There has been a long traditional use of nutmeg oil as a pain reliever, and several international companies developed formulations using Nutmeg oil. There are at least two products sold in the international market of which Grenada’s NutMed is the leading product.Clinical trials to test the efficacy of nutmeg oil are still needed. Cosmetic creams nutmeg butter has very similar characteristics as shea butter one of the leading cosmetic ingredients in natural cosmetics. A few Caribbean companies have incorporated the butter into body care products with very good market response.

Essential Oils/ Aromatherapy Oils

The essential oil of nutmeg, and to a much lesser extent Mace is an important ingredient in the fragrance and flavour industry in many parts of the world. Many famous companies like Chanel and Hugo Boss use nutmeg oil in their toiletries. Nutmeg oil is made from the rejects and “defective” nuts not sold to the spice industry directly. Only around 5% of the crop finds its way into oil.

Liquors and Wines

This is a local favourite with some interesting products. Surprisingly, none of the big multinational distillery groups such as Bacardi have developed nutmeg liquors or wine on an international scale.

Syrups, Sauces and Ketchups

Nutmeg syrup, mayonnaise and sauces are all made in small quantities in Grenada. There are few major suppliers to the international market as yet and Reaching global health and safety standards is often expensive.

Jams, Jellies

Made from the pericarp, this has been a favourite product for jam in Grenada and the region. There is a lot of export potential for this product, but to harvest the pericarp means farmers must pick the fruit from the tree and not simply let it fall to the ground!

Delicatessen Nuts

Specially selected large nuts which are usually polished and packaged ready for retail sale. Grenada was the leading supplier of such nuts to shops like Culpeper and Fortnum and Mason’s in UK.